Narendra Modi Raises Questions to PM on Aadhaar Card

Narendra Modi did not need any introduction to anyone in the country now. Narendra Modi also asked why the UPA government implmented Aadhaar Card with a huge 10000 crores fund for this scheme only. And doubts on any scam in this also because without corruption did not give a single rupee to the common people is their any such scan in the Aadhaar also. UPA government started this as presitigious project by the UIDAI from starting the government facing the lots kidism some common man to supreme court about implement of Aadhaar from bottom levels. Also Read this Article: How to Download eAadhaar Card Download

Now Narendra Modi also joins his voice against the Aadhaar and raised many questions on Aadhaar card implementing and also funds allotted for the UIDAI. DFor issue Aadhaar Cards to all in the country. The Narendra Modi saying that PM should not go through back door on these questions escaping scams in the Aadhaar Fund. As usual congress man never had any interest on public benefit they are only working just as a collecting agents of government schemes are taking into the pockets of some big heads of the central government about the bill of National Security Council for UID but PM did not paid attention on this topic.

The standing committee also directed the government some suggestions on Aadhaar Card implement to the various schemes and scholarships LPG subsidy transfer etc. But government did not accept these suggestions by the standing committee in the same way making people in a dailamo on the Aadhaar card stand. This take Modi stading againse Aadhaar and questioning PM directly funny to the UIDAI.